"We combined our code transformation tools with Ispirer database migration tools to complete the work and fulfill the goal. With their help it was possible to successfully complete another big challenge in our expertise area of Migration / Remediation."

"Ispirer was the best company for me, because of the following reasons: 1) Very fast and nice email support; 2) Uncomplicated verification of my inventory data; 3) Very fast compilation of structure, Functions and Stored Procedures! 4) A very fair pricing."

"Due to the fast, reliable, and high quality of the SQLWays migration tool I was able to create the scripts and data files for the database export in just a few minutes."

"We were looking for a tool that would help us to migrate automatically our Oracle database to MySQL without any manual work. Finally we found SQLWays migration tool which turned out to be the right solution for such a task."

"Ispirer migrated code initially developed in PowerBuilder as well as database schema from Oracle to SQL Server. Whenever needed they acted directly and they made an excellent job and kept both timelines and cost."

"The usage of SQLWays and the excellent and reliable support from Ispirer made the conversion process faster than we ever could have done without it and we could release developers resources to other tasks."

"In my case it allowed me, a single DBA to migrate a major high profile application to a new database engine where the alternative was either a larger cost for proprietary software or many man hours of in house application code to be written to perform the task."

"SQLWays is the powerful tool to migrate data and sources from DB2 to Oracle database. We could reduce the necessary period almost a half that we have planned and also bring the cost down to SQLWays."

"The project was carried out in time and in accordance with contract. It was easy to get any information about the conversion process because we were constantly in touch with Ispirer team."

"After trying 2 other tools without success we found SQLWays. The tool is very easy to use, the migration process was smooth and we did not face any problems. We saved a lot of time using this tool."