"Through usage of the Ispirer toolkit we saved a tremendous amount of time and avoided having to build migration tooling ourselves. The Ispirer toolkit enabled us to successfully migrate all environments without issue."

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"Ispirer has been a great choice for the migration of our dated software, thanks to its very flexible and supportive team. All our requests were handled in an accurate manner, and every single request was performed promptly."

"Because of Ispirer and MnMTK, our team was able to devote its time to build the infrastructure for new Java programs instead of spending time on converting code. The produced Java code met all our maintainability, readability and performance requirements."

"The migration process was quick and very easy and saved us a tremendous amount of time. We had many datatypes including datetime with timezone, json, text and typical datatypes that Ispirer handled nicely for us."

"Ispirer’s team was able to deliver our requirements to the highest standard. We were assigned to an amazing developer who was prompt, responsive, and worked with us to resolve test cases and trace long chains of triggers and procedures."

"We were looking for a tool that would help us to migrate automatically our Oracle database to MySQL without any manual work. Finally we found SQLWays migration tool which turned out to be the right solution for such a task."