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Informix to PostgreSQL

Hopla Software, Spain

Juan Zamora


December 3, 2019

Hopla! Software is one of the leading global providers of IT solutions.

Several months ago we were looking for an efficient solution for automated database migration from Informix to PostgreSQL. Having thoroughly analyzed a lot of offerings, our choice fell on solution provided by Ispirer Systems. In addition to the fact that Ispirer Migration and Modernization Toolkit supports various directions of migration, the success level of automated conversion may be increased and the results may be optimized in accordance with the specifics of each project.

The model of our cooperation was not typical. We agreed on performing the Proof-of-Concept which included the migration of 1 Informix Dynamic Server to PostgreSQL and the Toolkit improvement based on the code contained in this database. After 2 months of cooperation Ispirer delivered to us fully functional database as well as the updated version of Ispirer MnMTK which could automatically convert the selected database, including DBLinks. In such a way, we proved that the automated solution offered by Ispirer is feasible and may be used for Informix to PostgreSQL database migration.

Ispirer Systems team should be noted for their outstanding support and communication.

We would not hesitate to use Ispirer migration solution in our future migration projects and would recommend its use to others.


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