SCHOTT North America, United States

DB2 LUW to Microsoft SQL Server (including embedded SQL migration in PowerBuilder)

SCHOTT North America, United States

George Cavanaugh

IT Manager

October 25, 2019

Dear Liza and the Ispirer Team,

I am writing this testimonial so that you might share it with current and future customers. I was very impressed with your team and the tools you provided for our database and application migration. Therefore, I would like to document our project and experience working with Ispirer below. Please feel free to share it as you feel appropriate.

I am the IT Manager for SCHOTT North America, at a technical optical glass manufacturing site. For many years, we have been using a set of custom written PowerBuilder applications which connect to a legacy IBM DB2 database. The server, the database, and the applications were very old and becoming obsolete. Our plan was to migrate to a new server running Microsoft SQL Server and to modify the PB apps to connect to the new database.

Initially, I thought we could use a tool provided by Microsoft to migrate the database structure and data, and also modify the PB apps to work with MSSQL without any outside help. However, I found out that our version of DB2 was too old to use the Microsoft migration tool. In addition, our in-house developer was too busy with other priorities and was not able to dedicate time to the PB code conversion.

After spending some time with Google search, I found your company. I was happy to see that Ispirer offers tools and professional services for databases and applications migrations. I downloaded the Ispirer MnMTK and obtained a demo license key. I was simply amazed at the ease of use and the speed and accuracy that the tool provides. That completed a very difficult, complex task in a very short amount of time and effort!

After the success of migrating the database, I decided to have the Ispirer development team make the code changes required to interact with the new SQL server database. And again, the work was completed in a timely, professional, and accurate manner.

We are now successfully running live on the new system, with the updated PB apps. I want to express my thanks to Ispirer team. You made this project a success!!! I was happy to work with you and would highly recommend Ispirer!

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