Mammoth Hospital, United States

DB2 AS/400 to Microsoft SQL Server

Mammoth Hospital, United States

John Kokado

Database Administrator / Integration Engineer

January 20, 2020

Dear Sirs / Madam:

Recently, I had been tasked with migrating archived DB2 data from an old IBM iSeries DB2 AS/400 platform to a new Microsoft SQL Server. At first, we started building packages using SSIS, but found this to be very time-consuming due to data format compatibility issues, conversion issues, and the sheer number and size of the tables. I needed a fast and efficient tool to move the data with minimal intervention.

I reviewed many different tools on the market and based on the features it offered, I decided to give Ispirer MnMTK 2020 SQLWays a try. The installation was simple and quick and I was heartened when my first medium-size test table imported in seconds. The full migration itself copied the data we needed flawlessly. Some tables took a little more time than others, but for what would have taken us a month to do ourselves SQLWays did perfectly in just a few days.

Based on my experience with the tool and with the technical support I received, I highly recommend Ispirer MnMTK and would, without hesitation, be willing to try other tools the company has to offer.


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