Kingland Systems, United States

DB2 AS/400 to PostgreSQL

Kingland Systems, United States

Brian Phillips

Senior Software Architect

September 7, 2019

We recently went through a major technology migration which included database migration from DB2 on IBM i to Postgresql. This migration included 14 different environments across 4 clients and large amounts of data.

Through usage of the Ispirer toolkit we saved a tremendous amount of time and avoided having to build migration tooling ourselves. The Ispirer toolkit enabled us to successfully migrate all environments without issue.

Ispirer provided exceptional and timely support throughout our migration process. They were very quick to answer questions or provide enhancements to the toolkit to support our needs. Most notably, when we encountered a migration issue, their team provided support to assist with specific Database commands in order resolve our problem.

We highly recommend Ispirer for their great toolkit and exceptional customer support.


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