Subsole, Chile

Sybase ASA to Microsoft SQL Server

Subsole, Chile

Oscar Romero

Information Technology Manager

November 20, 2019

The Subsole Business Administration commissioned its Information Technology Management to perform modernization and complete migration of the ERP in order to end the years of outdated programming languages and database.

To mitigate the high risks of the project, a progressive migration strategy based on the Scrum methodology, requiring a preliminary study or Sprints, was developed. This allowed us to find the Ispirer software to migrate our Sybase Adaptive Server Anywhere 9 database (2002) to Microsoft SQL Server 2017.

The software extensions included in our Ispirer license were the key to creating a model database that would otherwise have taken a lot of our time and tedious effort. Despite the fact that manual debugging of the migration is required, the achieved degree of automated conversion has exceeded our initial expectations.

In spite of the distance and complexity of our database containing around 400,000 lines of code in more than 1800 SQL objects, the Ispirer team proved to have the willingness and commitment to meet the delivery time of the above-mentioned extensions. All work was completed within a 3-month deadline.

I recommend this tool to anyone who wants to speed up their migration project or needs to optimize the project team's resource allocation.

Sincerely yours


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