Retalon, Canada

Microsoft SQL Server to DB2

Retalon, Canada

Zev Berkovich

February 6, 2014

I was looking for the way to convert tables from MS SQL Server to my DB2 Server running in Linux. I chose Ispirer Systems Migration Tool. The SQLWays migration toolset worked great and as a result, now I have perfectly converted data.

Due to the fast, reliable, and high quality of the SQLWays migration tool I was able to create the scripts and data files for the database export in just a few minutes. I copied the entire export folder over to my DB2 server running Linux, and was able to run those scripts, create my tables and load the data.

I would be happy to recommend Ispirer Systems and the SQLWays product to anyone planning a database migration project from MS SQL Server to DB2. I am extremely pleased with the work done and the knowledgeable team at Ispirer Systems.


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