Bleuler Software GmbH, Switzerland

Oracle to Microsoft SQL Server

Bleuler Software GmbH, Switzerland

Silvan Bleuler


April, 2016

From our customer we got the order to migrate several applications from Oracle 11 to MS SQL Server 2012. As there were 25,000 lines of code (Views, Triggers, Functions, Packages, Sequences, Objects) we were looking for a tool, which is not only good in data migration, we were looking for a tool which migrates triggers, functions etc. too.

So we found Ispirer and we used Ispirer Migration Studio 2015 and Ispirer SQLWays Wizard 2015. We are happy with Ispirer and have never regretted our decision. The tool is very flexible, well-structured and easy to use. I was surprised about the whole spectrum, functionality (especially code conversion) and quality.

We would recommend Ispirer to you.


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