Secure-24, United States

Oracle to SAP Sybase ASE

Secure-24, United States

Len Landale

Vice President, ERP & Applications Hosting

August 22, 2016

Secure-24 had the opportunity to work with the Ispirer team on a client database migration project from Oracle to Sybase ASE. The scope of our client’s project entailed the production BOBJ system running on Oracle Database 11.2, which required migration of 13 months of data for the BOBJ audit to Sybase ASE.

Because the OEM did not provide migration tools, we sought a third party to quickly and efficiently migrate the data to Sybase ASE. We reviewed several options and selected Ispirer.

The expert support of the Ispirer team enabled us to successfully convert our client’s data into the new system, allowing the required data retention and eliminating the need to keep an old copy running in perpetuity.

The team was professional, worked through issue resolution and often times, quickly developed product enhancements to ensure the success of our project. Thanks in large part, to the Ispirer team, our client project was completed successfully within agreed timelines.

We were impressed by the expertise and “can do” attitude of the Ispirer team and we highly recommend them for database migration solutions.


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