Bloxs Software B.V., the Netherlands

Bloxs Software B.V., the Netherlands

Kiki Hendriksen

February 13, 2024

In response to your request I am sending you our testimonial about Ispirer. See below for the testimonial.

Our migration from MSSQL Server to PostgreSQL was facilitated by Ispirer. We are very happy and content with the support we got from Ispirer.

We had some SQL Server specific constructions in our database, like the use of HiearchyIDs for instance, that simply do not exist in the PostgreSQL world. But Ispirer helped us work around this, by writing a customization that, in this case, leverages the use of the PostgreSQL function ltree.

Another thing we encountered is that the migration was initially quite slow. It turned out we were not using the native mssql drivers in our DSN. After specific instructions from Ispirer the duration of a migration was reduced from 8 hours to 20-30 minutes.

Because we have hundreds of databases that need to be migrated, automating the whole process was key for us. Ispirer helped us achieve just that, through their excellent tooling, customizations, and support.

Best regards,
Kiki Hendriksen
Bloxs Software

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