• Customer: Financial and IT service provider
  • Country: United States
  • Product Used: Ispirer Toolkit License
  • Source Technology: IBM DB2, COBOL
  • Target Technology: Oracle, PL/SQL
  • Project Scope: 60,000 LOC
  • Project Duration: 2014


It was real estate financial and IT service provider. The company specializes in introducing high technology solutions into their customers’ businesses in property sector. The firm renders a wide range of advisory and consulting, load and tax management services.

They also develop applications for property management, including programs for sales history and client management. A network of service centers across the country guarantees prompt communications flow between national real estate agents, equities market players and credit organization.


The client wanted us to migrate IBM DB2 to Oracle. The task also involved COBOL scripts conversion into PL/SQL. There were triggers and stored procedures to be moved from DB2 to Oracle, that contained about 60 thousand lines on code, and other types of database objects. The goal of this project was to perform the move of the database and the application to Oracle PL/SQL and to maintain accuracy and technical liaison.


Some pieces of COBOL code contained special characters. To achieve better automatic conversion by the Ispirer Toolkit, our developers added new conversion rules according to the specification. After comprehensive testing procedure, the customized software ready to perform the migration at the highest level was delivered to the client.

During extension stage, the Ispirer Toolkit developers additionally expanded business logic metadata.

Results & Advantages

This project involved a short-term migration that took less than 4 months. Evaluation of client’s target code requirements and exact compliance with them contributed to the faster results and high precision of conversion. Ispirer migration experts controlled all the migration process and provided professional maintenance and consulting.