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PowerBuilder, Java


We have engaged in a complex long-term project with the customer that consisted of several stages. The client company planned to move their PowerBuilder Scripts to Java. An enormous amount of work was to be done by Ispirer developers and migration consultants. Migration objects total size resulted in about 4 million lines of code. Successful migration of several scripts needed some specific developments.


We supplied to the client Ispirer Migration and Modernization Toolkit for one year. The feasibility of the client’s project was proven beforehand at (a proof-of-concept (POC) stage). During POC Ispirer developers have already worked on a part of the client’s application and knew the basic requirements to the client’s target code in Java.

On production stage Ispirer migration software was further customized in order to maximize the automatic migration of Power Builder Scripts. Specific settings for ini files (Oracle to Oracle conversion) were configured so that to ensure correct operation with database.

Custom migration based on pattern MVC was performed. The project involved placing visual components on XHTML using standard JSF libraries. Special developments were made for the successful migration of PowerBuilder DataWindows to Java classes with all properties and migration of Visual user objects to Java.

Results & Advantages

The work of highly-responsive sales and technical teams at Ispirer resulted in a rapid and smooth migration into client’s target environment. Prior customization of Ispirer migration software has made it possible to achieve high performance in automatic migration process. PBScripts were successfully converted to Java without disturbing critical functionality.