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PowerBuilder to Java Conversion


Ispirer Migration and Modernization Toolkit supports PowerBuilder to Java application conversion of any complexity.

We develop Ispirer MnMTK using a customer-oriented approach in order to satisfy all your project requirements. Due to a great experience in application migration sphere, Ispirer technical team always find innovative solutions even to the most challenging migration projects!

PowerBuilder to Java Conversion Overview

This demo shows how Ispirer MnMTK performs PowerBuilder to Java JSF conversion.

Watch now how Ispirer MnMTK converts PowerBuilder to Java GWT.

Why Ispirer MnMTK for PowerBuilder to Java Migration ?

The main purpose of Ispirer Systems is to carry out a high-grade and top-of-the-line database migration. We personalize our migration tool Ispirer MnMTK in such a way that a customized version can fully satisfy a client's business requirements.

Our main benefits:

  • High quality and experiences technical support: our technical team has a tremendous experience in migration projects of different levels of complexity.
  • Customer-oriented approach and Fast Customization: we personalize our migration tool in such a way that a customized version can fully satisfy our client’s business needs, custom conversions and optimizations are made within 1-2 business days;
  • Pre-Sales Engagement: we demonstrate a full conversion during the evaluation before you make a decision.
  • Flexible pricing: we can offer you a wide range of options, among which you will definitely find the one which suits you;
  • Optimized Conversion: after the conversion you get an intelligent and maintainable code, without using any Ispirer's middleware.

Assessment Process

The assessment of your migration project could definitely help to wight up efforts and the approximative cost of your migration. In order to facilitate the process, you're welcome to download our:

Otherwise don't hesitate to complete the questionnaire and to send it to us so that we could initiate the discussion of your project:

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Ispirer Migration Solution

PowerBuilder to Java


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Ispirer Migration Solution

PowerBuilder to Java

Service Toolkit

Conversion features

Here are the main technical details concerning PowerBuilder to Java application conversion:

Migration from PowerBuilder to Java

  • Each SRD file migrated to one Java file, one xhtml, one jrxml file.
  • Each option that was coordinated with controls at datawindow will be passed to the java file and then read by the common datawindow class in the Java application.


    2. visible="1~tif(isnull(nh_wo),0,1)"
    3. color="0~tif (status = 'CLOSED',8388608,0)"
    4. protect="0~tif( status = 'Pre/Auth' , 1 , 0)"
    5. font.italic="0~tif(df_get_wo_link_flight(wo_category),1,0)"
    6. text="TAT Date:~tIf (date(df_get_sysdate_dw()) >
    7. date(tat_date),'TAT Over Due','TAT Date')"


    2. try
    3. {
    4. row.get("defect_item").setForeColor(choose(status
    5. == "CLOSED",8388608,0));
    6. } catch(Exception e)
    7. {
    8. }
    9. try
    10. {
    11. row.get("flight").setVisible(choose(module == "PRODUCTION",1,0));
    12. } catch(Exception e)
    13. {
    14. }
    15. try
    16. {
    17. row.get("nh_wo").setVisible(choose(isNull(nh_wo),0,1));
    18. } catch(Exception e)
    19. {
    20. }
    21. try
    22. {
    23. row.get("status").setProtect(choose(status == "Pre/Auth",1,0));
    24. } catch(Exception e)
    25. {
    26. }

    It is no matter what units of measurement you are using in your datawindow file. Our tool can easily handle it.

    For each Datawindow we create Jasper report file that can be used if you are printing some reports in your application.


    2. text(band=detail alignment="0" text=">" border="0" color="33554432"
    3. x="1330" y="68" height="64" width="50" html.valueishtml="0"
    4. name=t_1 pointer="HyperLink!" visible="1" font.face="Arial"
    5. font.height="-10" font.weight="400""2" font.pitch="2"
    6. font.charset="0" background.mode="1" background.color="536870912"
    7. background.transparency="0" background.gradient.color="8421504"
    8. background.gradient.transparency="0" background.gradient.angle="0"
    9. background.brushmode="0" background.gradient.repetition.mode="0"
    10. background.gradient.repetition.count="0"
    11. background.gradient.repetition.length="100"
    12. background.gradient.focus="0" background.gradient.scale="100"
    13. background.gradient.spread="100" tooltip.backcolor="134217752"
    14. tooltip.delay.initial="0" tooltip.delay.visible="32000"
    15. tooltip.enabled="0" tooltip.hasclosebutton="0" tooltip.icon="0"
    16. tooltip.isbubble="0" tooltip.maxwidth="0"
    17. tooltip.textcolor="134217751" tooltip.transparency="0"
    18. transparency="0" )


    2. <staticText>
    3. <reportElement x="1330" y="68" width="50" height="64"
    4. uuid="989e450a-4ffe-430c-a3d3-dd16f060bc16">
    5. <property name="local_mesure_unitx" value="pixel" />
    6. <property name="" value="px" />
    7. <property name="local_mesure_unity" value="pixel" />
    8. <property name="" value="px" />
    9. <property name="local_mesure_unitwidth" value="pixel" />
    10. <property name="" value="px" />
    11. <property name="local_mesure_unitheight" value="pixel" />
    12. <property name="" value="px" />
    13. </reportElement>
    14. <textElement>
    15. <font fontName="Arial" size="12" isBold="true"
    16. pdfFontName="Helvetica-Bold" />
    17. </textElement>
    18. <text><![CDATA[>]]></text>
    19. </staticText>
  • Each SRU file migrated depending on contain of the file.
  • If SRU file contains some visual controls SQLWays creates separate xhtml file that contains all controls. Rest of the logic is left in the Java file.

  • Each SRF file migrated to one Java class with appropriate fields in the class.
  • PowerBuilder:

    2. $PBExportHeader$gf_get_web_path.srf
    3. //PBSourceExtractor 1.0 - Database and Application Migration Software.
    4. //Copyright (c) 1999-2011 Ispirer Systems, LLC, All Rights Reserved.
    5. //Timestamp - 02.10.2013 17:22:34
    6. global type gf_get_web_path from function_object
    7. end type
    8. forward prototypes
    9. global function string gf_get_web_path (string s_path)
    10. end prototypes
    11. global function string gf_get_web_path (string s_path);
    12. string s_web_path
    13. s_web_path = "\Attachments\"
    14. Return s_web_path
    15. end function


    2. //PBSourceExtractor 1.0 - Database and Application Migration Software.
    3. //Copyright (c) 1999-2011 Ispirer Systems, LLC, All Rights Reserved.
    4. //Timestamp - 02.10.2013 17:22:34
    5. package Global_function;
    6. import util.Utility;
    7. import main.Main;
    8. public class gf_get_web_path extends Utility
    9. {
    10. private static final long serialVersionUID = 1L;
    11. private gf_get_web_path() { }
    13. public static String execute(String s_path)
    14. {
    15. String s_web_path = "";
    16. s_web_path = "\\Attachments\\";
    17. return s_web_path;
    18. }
    19. public static gf_get_web_path newInstance(Main main) {
    20. gf_get_web_path instance = new gf_get_web_path();
    21. instance.main = main;
    22. return instance;
    23. }
    24. }
  • Rest of the file are migrated depends on their role in the project.
  • Additionally to the project added several classes that help to simulate behavior of the source application.

You can also reach us via Contacts page.

PowerBuilder Versions

PowerBuilder 12.5.2 and earlier

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