• Customer: Software solution provider
  • Country: Brazil
  • Product Used: Ispirer Toolkit License
  • Source Technology: Firebird
  • Target Technology: Oracle
  • Project Scope: 100 GB of data
  • Project Duration: 2014


A software development and information technology services provider based in Brazil. Their solutions include data storage and application platforms management, as well as data centers operation. The firm also assists their clients with server consolidation and software licensing solutions.


Since the use of internal resources was no longer possible, the company considered several migration tools. The customer chose Ispirer, and our experts were requested to automate the migration from Firebird to Oracle.


Ispirer migration experts have years of experience migrating Firebird to Oracle. Thus, Ispirer Toolkit has enough capabilities to properly perform database migration.

The customer used our free demo version of Ispirer Toolkit. Having tried the toolkit, he realized that it is able to satisfy the requirements of the company.

This task didn’t require any extensions of the toolkit by introducing certain conversion rules. We delivered the licensed full version of the product to the customer.

After the customer received the software, he was able to automatically and correctly migrate his Firebird database. Due to the high performance of the Ispirer software, the migration was quick and without failures. As a result, the entire database, including about 1000 tables containing 100 GB of data, was converted to Oracle in less than 1 month.

Benefits Derived from Conversion

The project goals were achieved: the customer received a stable and fully functional database and no data was lost. The company was able to take full advantage of their new fully functional relational database management system.