Our client was a software development and information technology services provider based in Brazil. Its solutions include data storage and application platforms management and data centers operation. The firm also assists its clients with server consolidation and software licensing solutions for companies.


Firebird, Oracle.


Drawing on internal resources would not be feasible and they considered several migration tools. The company selected Ispirer and our professionals were requested to automate the migration of the FireBird database into Oracle platform. The client’s database involved around 1 thousand tables that contained 100 GB of data.


Ispirer migration experts have had many years of experience working with migration from FireBird to Oracle. Thus, Ispirer Migration and Modernization Toolkit 2015 had enough capacity to perform data migration correctly.

The client had used our free Demonstration Edition of the Ispirer MnMTK 2015. After trying the Toolkit he realized that the Ispirer MnMTK 2015 is capable to meet the requirements of his migration as it is.

This task did not require any Toolkit extension by introducing some specific conversion rules into it. We delivered the licensed full edition of the product to the customer.

Results & Advantages

After the customer got the Product, he was able to migrate his FireBird database automatically and correctly. The whole database was migrated to Oracle in less than 1 month. Due to high performance of Ispirer MnMTK 2015 the migration run quickly without any hiccups.

The objectives of the project were achieved: the client got a stable and fully operational database and no data was lost. The company was able to enjoy all the advantages of his new full-featured relational database management system.