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Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server


The goal of Ispirer in this project was to migrate client’s Oracle database in PL/SQL to Microsoft SQL Server T-SQL. The client required his critical database to be migrated in the extremely short timespan of a few months. Since the client’s technical team had scarcely any experience on Microsoft SQL Server they completely relied on Ispirer’s knowledge. More than 150 thousand lines of code, contained in 200 packages, need to be migrated to the SQL Server environment in this project.


Ispirer engineers have developed a strong expertise in conversion direction from Oracle to SQL Server. The client was provided with an initial version of the migration software, demonstrating high functionality in migration of the customer’s code. The functional capacities of Ispirer Migration and Modernization Toolkit were improved as a result of the further development and customization. Due to extreme flexibility of Ispirer migration toolkit it was adopted to the clients project during support stage.

Peculiarity of the source code were Oracle geometrical objects, namely, packages (SDO_UTIL, MDSYS, SDO_GEOM) and xml. Operation with xml was enabled using methods such as xmltable, XMLNAMESPACES, xmlelement, xmlagg, XMLFOREST. By virtue of specific migration rules developed by MnMTK experts for this project, Oracle packages were converted automatically to Microsoft SQL Server.

Results and Advantages

In this project, timeframe was crucial to the client and Ispirer team managed this migration task in only a pair of months. The Ispirer migration toolkit was expanded and prepared especially for the client’s migration, given specific migration rules that were necessary to get correctly migrated objects in the target platform. Our customer was satisfied with our approach and the ease of use of Ispirer MnMTK. Ispirer delivered the product, which showed high level of automation and excellent result.