Our client was a leading integrated energy company with over 50 thousand full-time employees and more than USD200 billion in revenues, and featuring among the top twenty companies on the Fortune Global 500 list. The company is a globally renowned leader in crude oil, natural gas, and alternative energy production with business activities and numerous retail outlets worldwide.


Informix, Oracle


In 2013, the company started looking for a software to migrate several Informix databases with hundreds of tables and stored procedures within them. They intended to choose between two different target databases and find an appropriate automated tool in order to realize the migration. The client addressed many questions regarding the choice of a target database to Ispirer.

Technical specialists duly answered the client’s questions and made several test conversions with the help of SQLWays Wizard using representative samples provided by the client. After revision of conversion results and receiving comments from our technicians, Oracle was chosen as the target database.


The client purchased an Ispirer Toolkit professional license along with support by Ispirer. They had only one month for accomplishing this database migration project, which was part of an infrastructure modernization strategy for one of its departments. Thus, porting Informix to Oracle entailed professional support from Ispirer and quick responsiveness to the client’s customization requests. Within just one month, the Ispirer team managed to implement several complex migration rules and features into the SQLWays tool. Creation and addition of new conversion rules took around one to three days depending on the complexity of the customization issue.

Results and Advantages

Each of the customer’s specific requirements pertaining to the target code was catered to, thus yet again proving the efficiency of Ispirer’s migration tool SQLWays.