This was one of the projects Ispirer performed with our partners from Japan. We had already successfully performed quite a number of projects together. This time, Ispirer team faced the challenge to perform a migration task for one of their clients, a telecom company based in Japan. This company is committed to international communications services, network system services and mobile phone services in Japan and internationally. They also have financial services segment and some other.


Oracle, Sybase ASE, Pro*C.


In the framework of this project, the task of Ispirer migration experts was to provide the solution for the migration of an Oracle database into a new RDBMS Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise. The change of the environment of one of their mission-critical databases to Sybase ASE was committed to enhance their internal operational efficiency and contribute to better management of communication solutions. The Oracle database contained various types of objects, e.g. sequences, synonyms, functions, triggers, views, more than a hundred of stored procedures and also four hundred twenty tables. The total number of lines of code in the client’s database was almost 30 thousand.

Our client had also an application written in C Pro*C, which contained about 100 thousand lines of code and had to be migrated as well.


After a series of negotiations between business teams, we came to the decision that the fastest and most cost-effective way to perform this complex project would be to migrate the database and the application at Ispirer premises and furnish the result to the client after final testing.

Thus, the Ispirer Migration and Modernization Toolkit 2015 did the migration mostly automatically. Ispirer Development team performed an extension of the MnMTK 2015, which made it possible to tailor the Software to the client’s migration into Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise. Our migration experts gave the final touches to the code in Sybase ASE manually.

As part of services rendered, the C Pro*C application was converted on Ispirer side into С Sybase Embedded SQL without compromising on functionality or reliability.

The Ispirer team of Database and Application Migration Consultants worked on this project about 2 months. It was a turnkey engagement followed by a technical support period. Ispirer migration consultants could be easily contacted for consultation, ready answer any project related question.

Results & Advantages

Project based approach of Ispirer team and the extended functionality of the Ispirer Migration and Modernization Toolkit 2015 enabled optimal performance and successful project accomplishment on time.