• Customer: Communication service provider
  • Country: Japan
  • Product Used: Ispirer Migration Service
  • Source Technology: Oracle, C Pro*C
  • Target Technology: Sybase ASE, С Sybase E-SQL
  • Project Scope: 130,000 LOC
  • Project Duration: 2014-2015


A telecom company based in Japan. The company is engaged in international communication services, network systems and mobile services in Japan and abroad.


Under the project, the task of Ispirer team was to provide a solution for migrating Oracle to the new Sybase ASE RDBMS. Changing the environment of one of their mission-critical databases was aimed at increasing their internal operational efficiency and promoting better management of communication solutions.

The customer had also an application written in C Pro*C needed to be migrated as well.


After a series of negotiations between business teams, it was decided that the fastest and most cost-effective way to complete this complex project would be to convert the database and application on Ispirer premises and provide the result to the customer after the final testing.

During the Extension Stage, the Ispirer team customized the Ispirer software for migration to Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise. Our migration experts made the final touches to the code in Sybase ASE manually.

As part of the Service provided, the C Pro*C application was converted on the Ispirer side to C Sybase Embedded SQL without compromising functionality and reliability.

As a result, the Oracle database containing various types of objects, the total amount of which was 30,000 lines of code, was moved to Sybase ASE. The C Pro*C application, which contained about 100,000 lines of code, was successfully converted to C Sybase Embedded SQL.

The Ispirer team has been working on this project for about 2 months. It was a turn-key engagement, followed by post-migration technical support. Ispirer migration consultants can be easily contacted for advice, and were ready to answer any question related to the project.

Benefits Derived from Conversion

Ispirer's flexible approach and Ispirer Toolkit functionality enabled optimal performance and successful project delivery on time.