An insurance enterprise, founded more than a century ago in the US that offers a great variety of personal and commercial insurance programs. Their policies are designed on the basis of special needs of businessowners or homeowners. As a participant of Selected Insurance Risks, the company is able to underwrite high priced property.


MySQL, Oracle


The insurance company had taken the decision to store their business intelligence and data using the relational database management system Oracle. Portability and easier database backup were considered while choosing a closed source platform.

When the client referred to us for the first time, he wanted the solution to migrate the database from MySQL, which implemented business logic comprising more than 100 thousand lines of code and 1 TB of data.


Ispirer professionals discussed with client’s technical team the requirements to the database in Oracle platform and provided consultations on the functionality of Ispirer Migration and Modernization Toolkit 2015. After a comprehensive evaluation of the client's migration needs, the work started with a customization stage, i.e. Ispirer migration tool was tailored for the unique exposures for the customer’s business logic.

We provided the client with a professional edition of Ispirer MnMTK 2015 license for the performance of the first milestone of the full project. The client was satisfied with the accuracy of conversion and the speed of the automated MnMTK 2015 and came back to us to proceed with move of the rest of his legacy to Oracle.

Results and Advantages

Custom migration rules were implemented into the migration Tool so as to reach fully automated migration of the database. Due to flexibility of Ispirer MnMTK 2015 our developers managed to provide the customized software, which showed high performance and correctly migrated business logic without any data loss. The Oracle database was ready to be used immediately after the migration process.