Ispirer had an honour to perform the project for a major player in energy world market based in US. The client was a huge provider of oil, gas and petroleum. The manufactor, placed among the Top-20 companies in the Fortune Global 500, fulfills operations that include production, processing and transportation of oil and gas. Our Customer was a world-known leader in its business with 200+ billion in revenues annually.


Informix, Teradata


The insurance company had taken the decision to store their business intelligence and data using the Teradata relational database management system. Portability and easier database backup were considered while choosing a closed source platform.

When the client referred to us for the first time, he wanted the solution to migrate the database from Informix, which implemented business logic comprising more than 100 thousand lines of code and 1 TB of data.


To evaluate the database schema in Informix to be converted into Teradata, the client used a free Ispirer Migration Assessment Wizard. This tool was capable of collecting statistical information about the client’s source database.

Ispirer developers had successfully added the Informix to Teradata migration direction into the Toolkit and tailored it for the client’s migration needs. The Customer was provided with the Ispirer MnMTK 2015 version, meeting all the requirements for the targeted Teradata data. Having purchased a license for the Ispirer MnMTK 2015, the customer utilized our migration tool to migrate automatically the data and tables into Teradata.

Results and Advantages

The legacy Informix database was migrated automatically without difficulty. The migration with the help of the Ispirer MnMTK 2015 was very rapid and the cost of this solution was much less than the alternatives.