• Customer: Computer service provider
  • Country: Canada
  • Product Used: Ispirer Toolkit License
  • Source Technology: Progress
  • Target Technology: Microsoft SQL Server
  • Project Duration: 2014


A US public organization that specializes in computer services. It has been developing flexible software solutions since 1993. The company offers many types of mobile and web-based technologies. With small number of employees, the company manages to provide its clients with functional software and prompt support services.


Ispirer team has already developed a specific expertise in a given migration direction. The functional capacities of Ispirer SQLWays Wizard were enough to allow the user to perform the conversion automatically.

Prior to the commencement of migration Ispirer migration expert had provided the customer with training sufficient for their technical team to operate the software during the project. Following the move to Microsoft SQL Server environment, no further manual adjustments and improvements to the work product were necessary.

Results and Advantages

There was little complexity in database migration from the old to the new platform. Nevertheless, Ispirer Toolkit was able to carry out a highly accurate migration process in a specified timeframe.