• Customer: Internet television network provider
  • Country: United States
  • Product Used: Ispirer Toolkit License
  • Source Technology: Teradata
  • Target Technology: Amazon Redshift
  • Project Scope: 30,000 LOC
  • Project Duration: 2014-2015


One of the world's largest provider of Internet television network listed on Fortune 500 and Global 2000. The company offers its high-class services to more than 80 million customers, not only in the US but also around the world.


During the Extension Stage, Ispirer Toolkit developers have extended some of the existing features to provide the best conversion result after automated migration. They have prepared a truly suitable solution for this conversion project.

The toolkit was tested for compliance with all individual customer requirements and delivered ready for implementation.

The process of Teradata to Amazon Redshift migration was performed using Ispirer software on site. The toolkit license included free technical support from Ispirer migration experts assigned to this project, as well as training of the customer’s technical team. Ispirer migration consultants supported the entire conversion process and were ready to resolve any migration issues upon request.

As a result, the existing Teradata database, which involved tables, several GB of data and SQL objects contained in about 30,000 lines of code, was completely moved to Amazon Redshift.

Benefits Derived from Conversion

The database migration solution provided by Ispirer made it easy to perform migration from the Teradata platform to a new data warehouse. The migration was completed within the promised time frame and cost estimate. As a result, the company was able to increase productivity through the use of Amazon Redshift and take full advantage of the modern environment.