Our client was an individual from Costa Rica. He acquired a license for the use of Ispirer Migration and Modernization Toolkit in order to perform a database migration for business purposes.


Interbase, MySQL


The task of Ispirer was to provide the customer with the most convenient solution for a database conversion from Interbase into MySQL. Our client needed a smooth and reliable migration preserving all of the needed business logic and data. The total volume of business logic and client’s data was almost 3 thousand lines of code. The database included many types of objects, notably, tables, triggers, sequences and stored procedures.


In order to accomplish this, Ispirer developers added the appropriate migration rules into Ispirer Migration and Modernization Toolkit. The client was licensed for one month with the software ready for migration process. Ispirer expert had demonstrated to the user how the Toolkit is working during training conference via WebEx. After that, the client was able to launch the toolkit and start to migrate his business logic into target environment without hiccups.

Results and Advantages

Automated conversion of the database from Interbase to MySQL was completed on schedule. Due to professional improvement and customization prior to licensing, the client got correctly migrated MySQL code, which required no manual rewriting. The client’s concern was the risk of data loss, but the client’s data was retained in its entirety.