We had the honour to work with one of the largest clothing and footwear retail chains in Canada opened more than 35 years ago. About 400 stores operating in the country represent their brand. As a member of Canadian Tire family of businesses, the company is continually investing in its growth and innovation. A well-known nationwide retailer provides their customers with quality casual, business and industrial apparel for men and women.


IBM DB2, Oracle


The company has always run their IT infrastructure on IBM DB2 databases and managed to build a stable system. They decided that Oracle RDBMS would enhance their efficiency taking into consideration their typical transactions with the databases. Ispirer developers were asked to provide a solution to migrate 3 thousand tables and 1TB of data to the target Oracle environment. The project was quite massive and involved migration of more than 640 thousand lines of code.


For the company seeking an efficient way to migrate databases Ispirer Migration and Modernization Toolkit 2015 was a great option. After consultations with the client and analysis of target code requirements, Ispirer migration developers expanded the functionality of the software through introducing additional migration rules. The fully customized and tested Toolkit was delivered to the client. After licensing of the Ispirer MnMTK 2015 for one year and six months, the client referred to Ispirer for the second time for additional licensing option to proceed with full move to Oracle.

Results & Advantages

The expanded functionalities of Ispirer MnMTK 2015 allowed us to provide the client with the solution which meets their objective on reasonable cost. The client got a fully customized Toolkit version and was able to reach their migration goal in due timeframe.