It was a company providing IT and communication services founded more than 20 years ago. Our client assists in database and mobile platform management, introducing technology innovations in its work products. The company based in South Africa uses technologies from such global developers as SAP and IBM in its solutions. The company came to Ispirer in order to perform a migration for its customer from Namibia.


Sybase ASE, DB2 LUW


The goal of this project was to come up with a solution for automatic migration of a database from Sybase ASE to DB2. The source database contained more than 3 thousand stored procedures, a hundred triggers and five hundred views. The overall size of the project was almost 700 thousand lines of code.


During the course of this project the Ispirer Migration and Modernization Toolkit 2015 was further developed by adding some particular migration rules from the client’s database to DB2 platform. “The knowledge of how database objects of different types are supposed to behave in target environment turned out to be extremely helpful” – said Pavel Leonov, Senior Database Migration Expert at Ispirer.

The testing phase went smoothly and the Toolkit was ready to be delivered to the client. The Toolkit was prepared and licensed to the customer for six months.

As the client was provided with the Professional License for the use of the Ispirer MnMTK 2015 with extension package, Ispirer migration experts were ready to assist with the migration during the license term.

Results & Advantages

Additional customization of the MnMTK 2015 ensured up to 100% of automatic migration and eliminated any manual efforts. The process of moving from Sybase ASE to DB2 was simple with the help of Ispirer MnMTK 2015. Ispirer professionals provided assistance in all the stages of the project, including post-migration period, and guaranteed excellent results.