The enterprise has a strong customer base in the majority of the states and around the world. They have also an established national training centre. The company’s team is built of highly skilled and competent engineering professionals that are dedicated to proving expert solutions.


Delphi, .NET


The change of the environment of one of their critical business applications to C# .NET was committed to enhance their own internal operation and contribute to better management and technical support of their engineering solutions. There were around 26 thousand lines of code in Delphi codebase. As the application migration is a huge and complex area and requires special expertise, they decided to address to professionals in this sphere.

The Ispirer team was asked to provide a cost-effective solution, subject to the fact that the conversion had to be done in 3 months and delay in delivery for even a week was unacceptable.


With the aid of cutting edge Ispirer MnMTK 2015, we were able to help optimize the Delphi to C#.NET migration on schedule. Ispirer Toolkit developers added some new capabilities to the software prior to licensing, which allowed enable optimal performance (e.g. metadata was expanded). After full testing procedure, custom Toolkit was licensed to the customer ready to be launched.

Results and Advantages

The client was able to process the conversion with around a 98% automation completion outcome. The Ispirer MnMTK 2015 helped to reduce conversion time and improve repeatability.