• Customer: Recycle service provider
  • Country: United States
  • Product Used: Ispirer Toolkit License
  • Source Technology: Progress
  • Target Technology: Microsoft SQL Server
  • Project Scope: 10 GB of data
  • Project Duration: 2014


A well established recognized of high-end critical components and utility systems for primary processing industries over the globe. The company develops and manufactures equipment used for recycling, deinking, filtering, etc. Their technologies and solutions make a difference in enhancing indicated output, reduce energy usage, and maximizing productivity in high-runner industries. Around 2000 employees in development and research departments are dedicated to improve business activities of their customers. The company reported the $400M of revenue in 2014.


The company was looking to improve internal business process management and data administration. They needed a modern and perspective database platform that could be easily integrated with other technologies and will work without incidence over a long time period. The capabilities of Microsoft SQL Server were expected to fulfill the needs of the company.

Ispirer migration experts were asked for a solution that would guarantee a smooth and accurate move of Progress database containing more than 100 tables and 10 GB of data to the new environment.

Results and Advantages

The legacy database was migrated automatically and no manual changes were applied to any code. The database migration with the help of the Ispirer Toolkit was very rapid and the cost of this solution was much less than the manual conversion alternatives. After the smooth move to the SQL Server, the company can use their IT structure with confidence for over a long many of years.