MySQL C API Conversion

Now with the automated database and application migration software Ispirer Toolkit database access API conversion is not a problem. Having a great number of supported databases the tool can meet various industry requirements and guarantees high-class automated embedded SQL statements and API conversion. Ispirer Toolkit allows to promptly convert API saving you a lot of time and effort.

What is MySQL C API

The C API code is distributed with MySQL. It is included in the mysqlclient library and enables C programs to access a database.

The C API provides low-level access to the MySQL protocol through the libmysql client library; this is the primary method used to connect to an instance of the MySQL server, and is used both by MySQL command line clients and many of the APIs also detailed in this section.

Conversion features:

Ispirer Toolkit migration tool can:

  • convert MySQL API calls to other database API calls in C/C++ applications
  • convert dynamic SQL statements to direct DBMS
  • provide database migration in target database of your choice

Why Ispirer Toolkit

Ispirer Toolkit can easily migrate your MySQL C API and embedded SQL project to a preferable direction. While using our database and application migration tool you don’t have to convert SQL queries separately. SQLWays can be integrated in the assembling process and will ensure a consequent move of the application to a new API as well as a possibility of simultaneously keeping the project on track for the both API.

If you are interested in these services, please contact us for more information.