VB.NET Embedded SQL Conversion

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Automated Embedded SQL Conversion

Do you need to convert Embedded SQL in your VB.NET code? In this case, Ispirer products will be the perfect solution for your project!
Ispirer Toolkit can help you automatically convert SQL statements in VB.NET application to conform to the syntax and requirements of your new database platform. Automatic conversion with the help of our tool makes it possible to significantly reduce the time and expenses as compared to manual rewriting.

Free Analysis Stage

We do the analysis of your application code to determine which solution is right for your project: Ispirer Toolkit License or Ispirer Migration Service. To make the analysis results more accurate, we need to get the entire code; a small but representative scope of code can be delivered as well.

Besides, we determine if the Extension Stage of Ispirer Toolkit is needed. We implement the stage to reach the maximum conversion level for your project. It may include: improving the automatic search and extraction of SQL statements from application code, and improving the level of conversion of SQL statements between source and target databases.

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Free Project Analysis
VB.NET E-SQL Conversion


Ispirer Migration Service

If Ispirer Migration Service is better suited to the needs of your project, we will offer you flexible and favourable terms of our collaboration. When performing services, we try to use automated solutions as far as it is possible, therefore, most commonly, we can offer better terms and prices, in comparison with services that are completely done by hand.

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Ispirer Toolkit

Reach the maximum level of automation and quality of your conversion with the help of Ispirer Toolkit! Based on your requirements, the Ispirer team will process all extension requests for your VB.NET Embedded SQL conversion project. We offer several types of Ispirer Toolkit licenses, among which you will find the one that is suitable for you. Each conversion project is considered and discussed separately, prices depend on its scope, duration and complexity.

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Ispirer Toolkit 10
VB.NET E-SQL Conversion

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Ispirer Service

If you don't want to involve your own resources to move the Embedded SQL in your VB.NET application code, get Ispirer Migration and Modernization Service and we will deliver you an operational and high-quality end-result on time and at a reasonable price. Apart from professional Analysis, Evaluation, Performance and Testing of your migration, we also provide such services as Code Refactoring, Changing Functionality, and Adding Extra Functionality. Each conversion project is reviewed and discussed separately and the final price is a subject to negotiation.

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Ispirer Migration Service
VB.NET E-SQL Conversion

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Benefits You Get

100% Automation

Conversion Automation

Automation will definitely facilitate the conversion, the manual work after the process will be significantly reduced.

Flexible Pricing

Flexible Pricing

You pay for only what you need: pricing depends on the scope, complexity and duration of your conversion project.

Optimized Migration

Use of Modern Technology

You get an intelligent and maintainable code, and immediately start enjoying the benefits of new technologies.

Accelerating our customers’ embedded SQL and database API migration journey.

The client is a U.S.-based nonprofit education organization that seeks to ensure equal rights for students in low-income groups throughout the United States. This was the second time a customer approached Ispirer.

Our client is an American broadcasting and cable company. The challenge was to convert the C application from Sybase ESQL API to PostgreSQL ECPG API, including embedded SQL. The total scope included almost 50,000 LOCs.

Our client is one of the top 3 market chains in the UK. Teradata was chosen as the target DW. HP and Teradata teamed up for the project, and HP asked Ispirer to add special rules into SQLWays for the Neoview to Teradata migration.

Our client is a non-profit organization, which works within the educational field, striving to ensure equal rights of students in low-income groups. They needed to migrate their database system from PostgreSQL to Oracle.

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