Dynamic SQL and JDBC API in Java Applications

What JDBC?

Java Database Connectivity, a Java API that enables Java programs to execute SQL statements. This allows Java programs to interact with any SQL-compliant database. JDBC is a part of the Java platform and it is divided into 2 packages: java.sql and javax.sql.

Why SQLWays?

SQLWays helps you to automatically perform comprehensive assessment and migration of embedded SQL statements in Java applications. With SQLWays there is no need extracting SQL statements from application code and convert them separately. The tool completes the whole migration process internally.

This demo shows how SQLWays can migrate Java Embedded SQL:

How to convert?

Please take a look at the related article:

Embedded SQL and Database Access API Migration


Assessment helps estimate the efforts and cost of a migration. For conversion of embedded SQL, the assessment can involve the following:

  • Identify source files containing database access code
    • List of files containing java.sql
    • Number of files and number of code in each
  • Identify embedded SQL statements
For detailed process of assessment please refer to following link:

Java Embedded SQL Migration Assessment

Ispirer MnMTK automates the entire migration of embedded SQL in Java applications. This allows you to dramatically decrease conversion risks and significantly reduce in-house efforts. Reasonable pricing strategy makes Ispirer MnMTK even more powerful instrument for such migration type.

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