Migrating Oracle Pro*Cobol Applications

Let Ispirer Systems walk you through the experience of migrating Oracle Pro*Cobol applications. Ispirer Toolkit application migration tool is a powerful instrument capable of handling even most challenging application conversion tasks.

What is Oracle Pro*Cobol

The programming tool Pro*Cobol Precompiler lets a developer embed SQL statements in a COBOL program. With the help of Pro*Cobol Precompiler SQL statements can be converted in the COBOL program into standard Oracle run-time library calls. After that the generated output file can be compiled, linked, and run as per usual.

Pro*Cobol Precompiler is used when there is the need to achieve rapid development and compatibility with other systems.

Pro*COBOL supports the following:

  • Oracle databases release 8.1.x and higher
  • Embedded PL/SQL blocks
  • Bundled database calls, which can provide better performance in client/server environments
  • Full ANSI compliance for embedded SQL programming
  • Calls to PL/SQL stored procedures


Pro*Cobol Embedded Oracle to Cobol Embedded HiRDB Migration

Ispirer Toolkit allows to convert a project with Embedded SQL to HiRDB. Conversion for Embedded SQL statements is based on initial implementation Oracle to HiRDB. You can also have a look at how Ispirer Toolkit database migration tool can migrate embedded SQL statements without extracting them from the application code at:

Why Ispirer Toolkit

Ispirer Toolkit ensures low cost and high percentage of automation of Oracle Pro*Cobol application conversion.

  • Highly Automated, Consistent and Integrated conversion of the entire application
    Ispirer Toolkit obtains correct information from the related database migration project
  • Fast Customization - Fixes, custom conversions and optimizations within 1-2 business days
  • Pre-Sale Engagement - We demonstrate full conversion during the evaluation before you make a decision.
  • Flexible Pricing - We offer a variety of pricing options so that you could find the one that suits you best.
  • Optimized Conversion - Source code conversion, no any Ispirer's middleware used after migration


Ispirer offers comprehensive services to perform Oracle Pro*Cobol application migrations:

  • Assessment, Estimation and Proof-of-Concepts
  • Application Conversion and Database Migration (if required)
  • SQL Testing, Database Integration Testing and User-Level Testing
  • Deployment

If you are interested in these services, please contact us for more information.