ASP.NET Embedded SQL Conversion

Ispirer MnMTK can become your one-stop migration solution when it comes to ASP.NET embedded SQL conversion. SQLWays embedded SQL migration tool lets you into the world of fast highly automated migration. With SQLWays you can easily convert embedded SQL statements and embedded SQL queries. Ispirer MnMTK conversion software is constantly upgraded giving our prospective clients a unique opportunity to cut down on costs and timings using our tailor-made embedded SQL conversion solution.

ASP.NET is HTML pages with additional server-side Web Controls, User Controls and dynamic code which runs on the server. Web Controls can contain Embedded SQL as a parameter value.

Why Ispirer MnMTK

Ispirer MnMTK migration tool is a flexible customizable solution for various embedded SQL conversion tasks, including embedded SQL and API in ASP.NET application. High level of automation guarantees fast and effective migration of embedded SQL and API from an application.

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