Embedded SQL Statements in COBOL Applications

Embedded SQL Statements in COBOL

Embedded SQL statements consist of the following three elements:

  • Keyword pair:
  • Statement string:
     Any valid SQL statement
  • Statement terminator:

For example,

  2. EXEC SQL SELECT col INTO :hostvar FROM table END-EXEC.

Why Ispirer MnMTK?

Ispirer MnMTK helps you to automatically perform comprehensive assessment and migration of embedded SQL statements in COBOL applications. With Ispirer MnMTK there is no need extracting SQL statements from application code and convert them separately. The tool completes the whole migration process internally.

Conversion features

Ispirer MnMTK converts SQL statements to conform to the syntax of target database.

For example,

Source Informix databaseTarget MS SQL Server database
  2. SELECT cur_date
  3. FROM val_date
  4. WHERE cur_date < CURRENT
  5. END-EXEC.
  2. SELECT cur_date
  3. FROM val_date
  4. WHERE cur_date < GetDate()
  5. END-EXEC.

Ispirer MnMTK is capable of supporting the various types of source and target databases in the COBOL applications.

How to convert?

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Please take a look at the related article: Embedded SQL and Database Access API Migration

Ispirer MnMTK automates the entire migration of embedded SQL in COBOL applications. This allows you to dramatically decrease conversion risks and significantly reduce in-house efforts. Reasonable pricing strategy makes Ispirer MnMTK even more powerful instrument for such migration type.

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