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Automated and Customizable
Database and Application
Migration and Modernization

Migrate SAP Sybase IQ to SAP HANA


This powerful tool converts database schema (DDL), data and server-side business logic from Sybase IQ to SAP HANA and can be customized in compliance with our client’s requirements. We help understand our clients the value of automated database and application migration solutions that enable business growth!

Sybase IQ to SAP HANA Migration Features Overview

  • Stored Procedures, Functions and Triggers conversion
  • Built-in-functions conversion
  • DDL conversion

We propose you to have a deeper insight at the Sybase IQ to SAP HANA migration features.

Stored Procedures conversion:

  • Basic statements and syntax ( Loops, DML statatements, Cursors etc) conversion

Sybase IQ:

  1. CREATE PROCEDURE pr_fetch_loop
  2. BEGIN
  4. DECLARE cur_employee CURSOR FOR
  5. SELECT Surname FROM Employees;
  7. DECLARE name CHAR(40) ;
  9. OPEN cur_employee;
  11. LP: LOOP
  12. IF SQLCODE <> 0 THEN
  13. LEAVE LP;
  14. END IF;
  15. FETCH cur_employee INTO name ;
  16. END LOOP
  18. CLOSE cur_employee;
  19. END;


  1. CREATE PROCEDURE pr_fetch_loop
  3. AS
  4. CURSOR cur_employee FOR
  5. SELECT Surname FROM Employees;
  7. name CHAR(40);
  9. BEGIN
  11. OPEN cur_employee;
  13. WHILE 1 = 1 DO
  14. IF SQLCODE <> 0 THEN
  15. BREAK;
  16. END IF;
  17. FETCH cur_employee INTO name;
  18. END WHILE ;
  20. CLOSE cur_employee;
  22. END;

Stored Function conversion:

  • Basic statements and syntax (Loops, DML statements, Cursors etc) conversion
  • IN, OUT, INOUT parameters

Sybase IQ:

  1. CREATE FUNCTION fullname (
  2. firstname CHAR(30),
  3. lastname CHAR(30) )
  6. BEGIN
  8. DECLARE name CHAR(61);
  9. SET name = firstname || ' ' || lastname;
  10. RETURN name;
  12. END;


  1. CREATE PROCEDURE fullname(OUT RETURNVAL CHAR(61),firstname CHAR(30),
  2. lastname CHAR(30))
  4. AS
  5. name CHAR(61);
  6. BEGIN
  7. name := firstname || ' ' || lastname;
  8. RETURNVAL := name;
  10. END;

This demo shows how Ispirer MnMTK can migrate Sybase IQ to HANA database:

More possibilities:

  • Besides the server-side business logic, Ispirer MnMTK also converts SQL queries in front-end applications and scripts to conform with SAP HANA syntax.
  • Moreover, our tool is also capable of converting Sybase IQ procedural code to Java and .NET.
  • Make considerable time-savings and automate your migration process thanks to Command Line Support: set up the conversion scheduling or launch a conversion into your development process.
  • Compare the number of tables, the number of rows with the help of our toolkit and perform Migration Validation for all or just selected columns (based on primary keys or specified order clause).

Why Ispirer MnMTK for Migrating from Sybase IQ to SAP HANA?

Ispirer Systems strives to perform high-grade and first-class database migration. We tailor our migration tool Ispirer MnMTK in such a way that a customized version can fully satisfy a client's business needs.

Our main advantages:

  • 100% Automation of All 3 Stages - Consistent and Integrated
    • Stage 1: Database schema/DDL, server-side business logic (procedures, triggers etc);
    • Stage 2: Data transfer and validation;
    • Stage 3: Front-end application code and SQL queries/scripts;
  • Flexible pricing: we can offer you a wide range of options, among which you will definitely find the one which suits you;
  • Customer-oriented approach and Fast Customization: we personalize our migration tool in such a way that a customized version can fully satisfy our client’s business needs, custom conversions and optimizations are made within 1-2 business days;
  • Pre-Sales Engagement: we demonstrate a full conversion during the evaluation before you make a decision.
  • Optimized Conversion: after the conversion you get an intelligent and maintainable code, without using any Ispirer's middleware.

Why Ispirer Service for Migrating from Sybase IQ to SAP HANA?

In addition to our toolkit we offer you to take advantage of our Service! Just let us manage your whole migration project on our side and we’ll help you to assess, design, implement and, finally, to test the migration.

Main benefits of Ispirer Service:

  • Fast time-to-solution;
  • Highly qualified migration experts;
  • Reducing operating costs.

Thanks to the tremendous experience in database migration, we could find a solution to the most complicated task!

When you need to migrate from Sybase IQ to SAP HANA we are right here to help you!

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The tool is a great utility for migration to SAP HANA from MSSQL.

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