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What We Do as Oracle Migration Provider

Our own technology, Ispirer MnMTK, is a set of intelligent automated instruments, that helps companies migrate non-Oracle solutions to Oracle Database as well as Java platform.

We have worked on migration projects with over a thousand clients, including companies from Fortune 500 and Global 2000 such as Barclays Capital, Barclays Wealth, Citigroup, Chevron Texaco, J.P. Morgan, EDS, Shell, Fujitsu, Thomson and others.

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Move to a modern and future-proof Oracle platform with Ispirer. Ispirer MnMTK is the software that combines all our best practices for automated database and application conversion. A single core of intelligent code migration allows you to apply our well-established approach to any project. After conversion you will get a new ready-to-deploy system that has the advantages of modern Oracle technologies.

Ispirer MnMTK can migrate the following objects: tables and data, views, functions, procedures, triggers, sequences, user defined types. Ispirer will easily handle specific tasks, because the main advantage of Ispirer MnMTK is the ability to customize it for your migration project. We will add all the conversion rules to achieve up to 100% automatic migration of your database to Oracle. As a result of conversion, each separate database object is converted to its equivalent in Oracle.

At Ispirer we push applications to the next level of innovation. Our team has gained great expertise in legacy application conversion to Java and other languages. The style and syntax of the application source code can be adjusted and enhanced according to customer needs.

Apart from professional Analysis, Evaluation, Performance and Testing of your migration, we also provide such services as Code Refactoring, Changing Functionality, and Adding Extra Functionality. If necessary, we are ready to perform optimization, develop additional functionality or perform integration with other elements of your infrastructure. If you are just starting to plan modernization, we are ready to share our experience and help you to estimate the timescales and resources.

Oracle Technologies

With Ispirer you facilitate database migration to the Oracle database. Moreover, you smoothly migrate your database from on-premise (Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase, IBM DB2, or Informix) instances to Oracle Cloud. PostgreSQL database (on-premises, or cloud-based) migration to Oracle Cloud Platform falls within Ispirer competence as well. We will deliver you an operational and high-quality end-result on time and at a reasonable price.

Ispirer’s migration and modernization software and services provide highly automated, consistent and integrated conversion of the entire application. We are here to facilitate and speed up the process of converting your legacy application to Java or any other target technology. Do you need to convert your legacy, e.g. COBOL application to Java? In this case, Ispirer products will be the perfect solution for your project. Conversion on Oracle PL/SQL is also supported by Ispirer. Automated Customisable Application Migration by means of Ispirer MnMTK is the right choice.

Ispirer is an Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN) Member

Oracle PartnerNetwork joins together providers of tools to better develop and implement Oracle Solutions. As a Member, Ispirer is among the trusted advisors and experts providing value-added services for Oracle technology. Ispirer team aims to establish partners' relations with industry leaders around the globe in order to provide our customers with high quality database migration solutions. Learn more about migration solutions Ispirer provides at Oracle Partner Finder.

We offer Oracle migration technologies to help you achieve innovative results, save your resources and keep pace with competitors.

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Benefits You Get

Considerable time and efforts saving

The conversion process is significantly speeded up through the automation, thus the project is completed within the shortest time period and with your minimal effort.

High quality migration

Converting handwritten code is quite a complex process. Within your project, we tailor the toolkit to achieve the highest level of automation, and satisfy all your business requirements. You get high quality and ready-to-use code.

Advantages of the latest technologies

You completely get rid of the old technology, and thus no any middleware is used after the process. You only have to enjoy the advantages of future-proof technologies.

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