Migrate MariaDB to PostgreSQL

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Benefit from the Ispirer top-notch migration services and robust automated solutions. Foster migration, and optimize the cost and performance of your IT infrastructure by moving your MariaDB database to PostgreSQL with Ispirer.

Migrate MariaDB to PostgreSQL


Turnkey migration service for
MariaDB to PostgreSQL

End-to-end migration service by Ispirer includes:

  • Migration of data and database schema, including SQL objects
  • Team of MariaDB/PostgreSQL experts and dedicated Project Manager
  • Detailed analysis of your database and tailored migration roadmap
  • Regular updates on the project status
  • Post-migration refinement and testing

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Ispirer Toolkit customization service

The service is aimed at customizing Ispirer Toolkit and providing you with an optimal solution for automated database migration. The service includes:

  • Free assessment tool to analyze your database and estimate migration complexity
  • Customized Ispirer Toolkit for your migration project
  • Assisstance in Ispirer Toolkit configuration
  • Automated migration of data and database schema, including SQL objects and tables, using Ispirer Toolkit (by your team)
  • Timely technical support

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Why Ispirer?

Ispirer migration experts have years of experience working with a wide range of databases, including Informix, Oracle, Firebird, PostgreSQL, Teradata, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, MongoDB, and others.

  • We combine our 25-years expertise with automated solutions. Our long track record and proprietary solutions help Ispirer experts automate parts of the migration process which enables them to implement complex projects quickly and efficiently.
  • More than 30 mln lines of code were migrated by our team. From small and simple databases to large and complex enterprise systems, we have a wide variety of migration projects in our portfolio. Based on the experience gained over several decades of working with migrations, we have developed our own tricks to effectively solve challenging tasks.
  • We serve customers from a number of industries and verticals, such as finance, healthcare, retail, IT, logistics, education, and others. More than two decades of expertise in software modernization let us receive impressive credentials working with international corporations from Fortune 500 and Global 2000.
  • We deliver high quality and reliable results. Our commitment to quality and security ensures that we comply with quality management and security certificates ISO 9001 and ISO 27001.

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Migration Overview

MariaDB to PostgreSQL Migration Features

Ispirer Toolkit automates the entire migration of database objects from MariaDB to PostgreSQL. Moreover, choosing Ispirer MariaDB to PostgreSQL converter eliminates most of the associated risks and considerably reduces internal efforts. All these benefits are available at reasonable and competitive costs that makes Ispirer Toolkit even more attractive conversion tool for this project type.

  • Tables
  • Constraints
  • Stored Procedures
  • Triggers
  • Data
  • Indexes
  • Functions
  • Views

Purchase Ispirer Toolkit to automatically migrate MariaDB or get Ispirer Migration and Modernization Service to obtain a ready-to-use result. In both cases, with the help of Ispirer enterprise-level solutions, you will definitely migrate your current system to PostgreSQL without any middleware used after the process.

In addition to PostgreSQL, Ispirer can offer you migration from MariaDB to other databases, including:

Turnkey Migration Service

Choose Ispirer as a partner who not only understands the need for database and application modernization, but also has in-depth technical expertise in the migration field, and the solutions and methodologies to guide you along this journey. It is important to have a migration plan that matches specific business goals of your organization in order to successfully implement your software modernization project.

Together with the Ispirer team, you will be able to avoid pitfalls and achieve the optimum outcome in the most cost-effective manner. We will be in touch with you throughout the migration process, from initial preparation and assessment to automated schema conversion, post-conversion refinement and testing ensuring the transparent process of the MariaDB to PostgreSQL conversion.

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Ispirer Toolkit Customization Services

Ispirer customization service allows you to get a personal version of the Ispirer Toolkit specifically for your database. With our proprietary tools tailored to your project requirements, you will be able to automate the migration process of your MariaDB database to PostgreSQL with maximum efficiency. A service like this will allow you to ensure a seamless database migration and reduce manual adjustments to the bare minimum. The engagement model will be as follows:

Related Services

  • Live demo. Our migration experts will demonstrate an example of automated database migration using Ispirer Toolkit.
  • Proof-of-Concept. A representative scope of MariaDB code is migrated using Ispirer Toolkit. You will have an opportunity to evaluate the results of future MariaDB to PostgreSQL migration after Ispirer Toolkit customization.
  • Ispirer Toolkit customization service. This stage includes adding new conversion rules for MariaDB to PostgreSQL direction to ensure the smooth migration process and high quality result of automated migration.
  • Migration with Ispirer Toolkit. Once the tool is customized, you take the matter in your hands and migrate an MariaDB database using Ispirer Toolkit without effort.

Would you like to organize a live demo with the Ispirer team?

Our migration experts will demonstrate an example of automated database migration using Ispirer Toolkit. You will have an opportunity to evaluate the benefits of automated MariaDB to PostgreSQL migration after Ispirer Toolkit customization.

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Our Projects

As part of the cloud transition project, getting rid of an outdated OS/390 mainframe allowed a global HR software vendor to gain security and manageability with the latest Microsoft business solutions.

Replacing Db2 with a PostgreSQL database enabled the innovator in business payment automation technologies to save on licensing, support, and maintenance costs.

Using PostgreSQL, the global assurance and consulting leader has minimized system downtime, improved their infrastructure performance and reliability.

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Related Services

We understand your needs and provide you with valuable recommendations, expert database consulting services and comprehensive solutions while taking away all your modernization worries. Our experience has allowed us to create a set of automation tools and best practices for the implementation of any software modernization project. Let the Ispirer team provide you with top-notch migration services for the benefit of your company.

Database audit

Our code quality audit will provide you with a detailed report on the bottlenecks in your database and valuable recommendations on how to improve its performance.


Eliminate any features that slow down the performance of your critical database, while keeping the core functionality intact.

Performance optimization

Fine-tune your database deployment to make sure the system resources are used efficiently and the response time is minimized.

What Our Customers Say

"The team has now used Ispirer for multiple use cases and has saved significant time and effort. The experience with Ispirer has been great, from the software, support, and communication."

"SCC Soft Computer was extremely happy with the professionalism, timeframes, milestones and output from the engagement. SCC Soft Computer would not hesitate to re-engage Ispirer Systems for future engagements."

"We are very pleased working together with Ispirer as a team. They proved to be a reliable solution partner providing a great service. And we would recommend Ispirer to anyone having a similar conversion project."

"The tool was very useful and shortened our working time considerably. I would like to thank all your team of consultants for the support they gave us, always fast and very precise. I hope to work with you again in the future."

"After a year of hard work the project has finished successfully. Ispirer has been a reliable and highly qualified partner, and their technical specialists made customizations in a timely fashion and very accurate way."

"After 2 months of cooperation Ispirer delivered to us fully functional database as well as the updated version of Ispirer MnMTK which could automatically convert the selected database, including DBLinks."

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