Additional Database and Application Modernization Services

Pre-migration, integration and data architecture optimization

When companies evaluate their opportunities for database or application modernization, it appears to be overcomplicated. If you are determined to a more comprehensive and cost-effective modernization solution, explore more about services offered by Ispirer.

Good strategy. Professional solution. Digital evolution: Start with developing strategies

First of all, investigate your business issues and define a well-organized structure for your modernization project. Experts can conduct your IT-infrastructure assessment and provide well-documented analysis. Let a tailored professional Ispirer team perform modernization and migration tasks for the benefit of your company. In close cooperation with a client we facilitate the improvements implementation process.

Migration Consulting Services

How to select a target platform?

With Ispirer you not just migrate your legacy application or database to modern platforms or cloud, but also get expert advice on a suitable target platform.

We support conversion of most source and target technologies. Whereas the wrong direction choice could raise the degree of operation complicity when the company (and the number of customers) grows. Ispirer experienced consultants could guide you to finding the right fit for the purpose. Let’s conduct test migrations into several target databases. Based on the results provided by Ispirer you will be able to make the right choice.

Mainframe to database migration image

Modernization Consulting Services

Code cleaning and refactoring

Sometimes it is hard to migrate or add new functionality to old code without prior elaborating the better half of the source code. In case of legacy systems, refactoring can help cleansing up code and getting rid of unnecessary business logic. Code refactoring before migration starts helps to cut the migration cost and save resources.

Integrate applications, databases and processes

With Ispirer you are able to integrate your applications and services in the cloud or on-premises seamlessly. If one of the subsystems has been migrated to a new environment, it might be necessary to integrate it with other infrastructure elements. Otherwise, the operability of the whole system can be damaged. At Ispirer, we assist in building an intelligent correlation between data and business logic, monitoring and management tools, several databases, applications and utilities. Pre-modernization consulting is necessary to ensure smooth interaction between the application and database layers.

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What Comes After Migration?

Databases are not static. Application modernization can never be enough.

Migrating to a new environment is a major step toward modernization, but not the only thing that could be done. Once migration is successfully completed, it is the right moment for gentle refreshing. Your modern RDBMS, application or cloud creates opportunities to modernize your systems in numerous ways. Actually, some companies might lack experts on the new technology straight after the move. We offer assistance and consulting on the technical steps of the launching process and optimal adoption of the new system.

Adding new functionality

In case the goal of your migration project is incorporating additional features in your system, with Ispirer you can do both things. Introducing new functionality to the software stack on which the application is built, at the appropriate time, you can create a more proactive system. It is important to eliminate any features that prevent solid performance of your mission-critical application or database.

New functionality can be embedded into the code after the migration process. Ispirer developers will advise how special options might be embedded into the application lifecycle when it is already migrated. No need to coordinate two projects, since our experts are already aware of your system peculiarities and will modernize it fast and effectively. With Ispirer you get your system migrated and modernized.

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Performance optimization

Some optimization techniques might add value to pivotal software by making it deliver high speed and avoid inefficient memory usage. Optimization techniques differ from one product to another. Source code is usually optimized for legacy databases and need to be tailored after the migration is completed. Ispirer migration experts will tune the system up in the new environment for the sake of performance optimization. Take a chance of having the migration and optimization done by a single contractor and get the most return from your investment in a new platform.

Database administration & maintenance

After closing a project on migration, it is critical to ensure that you have the technology, team and processes in place to work and gain real value of the new business environment. It might be unreasonable for some organizations to employ a full-time DBA. The whole set of activities to ensure database availability can be performed by Ispirer professionals.

The Ispirer team offers resources to keep databases well organized so that they won't lose functionality. Achieving optimal performance of the database requires a wide range of maintenance activities, such as data integrity, optimal use of database space and performance tuning. These functions should be performed by experts who are aware of the specifics of a particular database. Ispirer experienced team is fully competent in maintaining custom databases. Your IT - system will be stable and secure even in changing environments.

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