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Demo presentation text:

Hello and welcome to this demonstration of the Ispirer tools for PowerBuilder to Java GWT migration. We’ll be taking a look at a product called Ispirer Migration and Modernization Toolkit.

This software is designed to be a complete solution for the automatic conversion of the applications between various platforms and programming languages.

In this brief demonstration video, I’d like to show you how easy the conversion of PowerBuilder program to Java with GWT option can be performed by the Ispirer Migration and Modernization Toolkit.

The program can be converted in three ways:

1. utilizing Ispirer Migration Commander. This tool is convenient for reviewing a large set of source files and the entire application when doing the conversion.

2. Also, we can use Ispirer Migration Studio for the conversion. It is designed to convert the source code files or separate fragments one by one. It visualizes the results of the conversion in a convenient way, and it is used by developers to make a quick evaluation of a particular solution in the product.

3. And finally, the conversion can be performed through the command line. With this option you can, for example, set up the conversion scheduling, or even build the launch of conversion into your development process.

For this demo we have selected a demo application in PowerBuilder program, which connects to the database and manipulates with the data.

Now let’s run this program in PowerBuilder.

Our application is a book store. There are two data windows. A description of the book selected in the data window and a list of stores. There are several options as well. For example, we can add a book. Enter the data for this new book. And we can click the “Press to choose picture” button in order to add an image.

Besides, it is possible to add a store in another application window. Now let's enter the data for the new store and press the button “Add”. It is possible to delete them as well. So, it is a very simple application that will perfectly meet our demo requirements.

Now let’s take a look on how the PowerBuilder application can be migrated by Ispirer Migration Commander.

After launching this tool, in its left pane we have to select the folder, which contains the source files, and in the right pane we have to specify the directory where all of the generated results of conversion will be sent to.

This program consists of seven files:

demoapplication.sra – it is the main program file;

d_store_information.srd and d_book_information.srd - these are the DataWindow source files;

m_menu.srm – it is the Menu source file;

w_main.srw, w_store_add.srw and w_book_add.srw these are the window source files which have all the controls.

In order to begin the conversion process, we need to specify the source direction for this migration – is PowerBuilder, and the target direction – in our case is Java GWT.

After that, in the left pane we have to select the source files for conversion, and then just click on the RUN button.

The migration process can take some seconds.

After the conversion, the appropriate files will be generated:

Among them, for example w_store_add.java,

Now let’s take a look on how the application can be migrated with the Ispirer Migration Studio.

After the Migration Studio has been started, we have to open the source file of the PowerBuilder program. So, in this case it will be w_store_add.srw file.

Then we have to specify the source and the target directions of migration - Powerbuilder and Java GWT- and then click RUN.

As we have changed the structure of the project folder, the result of the migration we'll be availavle in the Result Studio folder.

Now let’s run the conversion using the command line tool. We have created a file with all the necessary options. Here we can see the source and the target directions of migration. Now let's run this file.

As you can see, a folder with the conversion results has been generated. These results are identical to the results obtained in the Migration Commander and Migration Studio.

After the migration process has been completed, we can integrate the results to Java project and open it in IntelliJ Idea IDE, compile it, and execute.

As you can see, the Java application corresponds to the source PowerBuilder application.

We can find here at the tables with the information about books and stores. We can also add a book, enter the data for the new book, click on the “Press to choose picture” button to add an image. And we can add a store in another application window, enter the data for the new store and press “Add”. Also we can delete both this book and store.

This is all information about the tools that our company provides for the conversion from Powerbuilder to Java GWT.

It is just a review of the tools, so if you need additional information please contact us, and we will be glad to assist you in your migration projects.

Thank you very much for your attention.

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