Bellnet (HAS), Japan

Delphi to C# .NET

Bellnet (HAS), Japan

Yoshiro Suyama

Senior Specialist

May 11, 2018

Our client BELLNET is a Japanese IT company, which maintains computer software used to control medical equipment. They needed to migrate such medical software written in Delphi to C# and contacted us asking for conversion tool.

lspirer/HAS offered two phase tool extension project to BELLNET as follows.

1) lspirer examines whole of their source code at first, and do basic extension on the tool to achieve higher conversion rate before the client begins to use.

2) The client starts using the extended tool and if required, lspirer will add more extension based on the client's requirement.

This approach was very successful avoiding any confusion at the first stage, and achieved high conversion rate in the end.

The project was completed successfully, they say they couldn't make it without MnMTK 2017 and excellent extension support from lspirer.

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