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Once you have decided to migrate to VoltDB – Ispirer Migration and Modernization Toolkit is right here to help you!

Ispirer Systems offers you a powerful migration tool and services, which will help you successfully transfer your source database to VoltDB.

Ispirer MnMTK supports a large variaty of source databases for this direction, among of which Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and many others.

Why Ispirer MnMTK for Migration to VoltDB?

The main purpose of Ispirer Systems is to carry out a high-grade and top-of-the-line database migration. We personalize our migration tool Ispirer MnMTK in such a way that a customized version can fully satisfy a client's business needs.

  • 100% Automation: we are ready to customize the tool to your specific requirements to achieve fully automated migration process
  • 2 ways of cooperation: get a license to perform migration yourself or order our service to get migration done on our side
  • Fast Customization: within 1-2 business days
  • Optimized Conversion: you get intelligent and maintainable code without using any Ispirer’s middleware

VoltDB Features

VoltDB is designed to take full advantage of the modern computing environment:
  • VoltDB uses in-memory storage to maximize throughput, avoiding costly disk access.
  • Further performance gains are achieved by serializing all data access, avoiding many of the time-consuming functions of traditional databases such as locking, latching, and maintaining transaction logs.
  • Scalability, reliability, and high availability are achieved through clustering and replication across multiple servers and server farms.

VoltDB doesn’t support functions and trigger, but at the same time there is an opportunity to create powerful stored procedures. Such stored procedures can be created on basis of Java classes.

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Migration to VoltDB

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