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IBM Lotus Notes Migration

Migrate smoothly Lotus Notes with Ispirer Migration and Modernization Toolkit!

IBM Lotus Notes is the client of a collaborative client-server platform. Lotus Notes is an application that is part of an application development platform, where mail is just one of many possible applications.

Therefore, export from Lotus Notes includes the following:

  • Lotus Notes email export
  • Lotus Notes contacts export
  • Lotus Notes image export
  • Lotus Notes attachments export

Ispirer MnMTK minimizes and reduces to zero data loss during Lotus Notes data migration. The migration goes smoothly and quickly. Taking the advantage of Ispirer MnMTK you economize on time and resources avoiding complex, risky and time-consuming manual data transfer.

Why Ispirer MnMTK

Ispirer MnMTK and our customization services ensure high automation of the entire migration process at reasonable cost.

  • Fast Customization - Fixes, custom conversions and optimizations (1-3 days for most requests)
  • Free Services during Evaluation - We provide consulting, deliver Ispirer MnMTK fixes to prove high automation during the evaluation before you make a decision
  • Reasonable Cost - We offer flexible pricing
  • Optimized Conversion - Intelligent and maintainable code, no any Ispirer's middleware used after conversion

  • Read more about Ispirer MnMTK Key Benefits at Why Ispirer.

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Ispirer Migration Solution

Lotus Notes Migration


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Ispirer Migration Solution

Lotus Notes Migration

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Lotus Notes Versions

Lotus Notes 8, 7, 6, 5 and earlier 

January 15, 2019CanadaHelps, Canada

CanadaHelps, Canada

'The migration process was quick and very easy and saved us a tremendous amount...

July 23, 2018Novum, Germany

Novum, Germany

'Our stored procedures have been very complex with lots of dynamic SQL. No problem...

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Company serves over 20,000 customers in 150...


April 28, 2018Informix 4GL to Microsoft SQL Server Solution, United States

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Overall, the code looks good. It’s still easy to read and it should be fairly simple to maintain going forward. The Excel reports and other files are generating as expected.

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