Alexander Kirpichny - Chief Product Officer

Alex Kirpichny

Alexander Kirpichny

Chief Product Officer

"Having a clear understanding of the project's goals, objectives, and product market fit is only half the battle. A well-coordinated and motivated team is the key to success."

Having a Bachelor degree in Computer Science, Alexander started his IT career in 2012 as a database developer at Ispirer. His first position helped him gain in-depth knowledge and extensive experience working with Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, DB2, PostgreSQL and other databases.

In 2014 Alexander continued his career as a Presale Manager. As a database migration expert, he was able to assess the needs of customers quickly and provide them with the most advantageous offers. With Alexander’s assistance, the Ispirer team successfully completed more than 200 migration projects. A few noteworthy ones include HAS, Decitre, CanadaHelps, University of Maryland and others.

Today Alexander is a high-level professional with more than 10 years of work experience at Ispirer. The combination of his expertise, rich experience, and desire to contribute to the company's growth let him become a Chief Product Manager. Alexander is actively involved in the development of Ispirer products, including monitoring the entire product roadmap and defining areas for development of the entire product line.

Alexander shares his expertise in automated migration via comprehensive articles in Ispirer’s blog.