Migration to Oracle Cloud

Move seamlessly and enjoy the first autonomous cloud database in the market

Migration to Oracle Cloud Overview

Get access to innovative infrastructure

Cloud technology has rocked the business world, so you are on the right path when choosing to move your in-house database to the cloud.

The MnMTK supports migration to a variety of cloud databases provided by the Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), SAP Cloud Platform, Oracle Cloud Platform, Google Cloud Platform, IBM Cloud, Pivotal Cloud Foundry, EMC Hybrid Cloud, NetSuite Platform and other cloud services.

Oracle Cloud Platform is the first autonomous database on the market, offering a comprehensive database management and workload optimization. According to Oracle representatives, autonomous is the future, and that is what separates them from all the competitors. Moreover, it provides the highest IOPS performance and in-depth data security, hyperscale and big data workloads.

Use the most intelligent instrument for cloud migration

Moving your on-premises deployments to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is a complex project that can impact significantly business management. We resolve the issue of a legacy database migration from on-premise to Oracle Cloud instance.

A cloud migration strategy should be analysed carefully to select the appropriate technologies before you start the migration. The strategy that applies to a given migration scenario depends on the source and target databases, their versions and database objects set. Migrate database from on-premise (Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase, IBM DB2, or Informix) instance to Oracle Cloud instance using modern and intelligent toolkit - MnMTK.

Migration to Google Cloud Services

Maintain integrity of your business-critical system

Ispirer MnMTK has the functionality required to set up a legacy relational database in the cloud platform. The Toolkit was developed as a set of powerful instruments for database SQL objects, business logic and data migration into any of the supported target platforms on cloud.

By the way, if you have chosen a MySQL cloud environment, MnMTK can also help with in-house database (Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase, IBM DB2, Informix) migration to the cloud. PostgreSQL database (on-premise, or cloud-based) migration to Oracle Cloud Platform falls within Ispirer competence as well.

Ispirer MnMTK was designed to maintain the integrity of mission-critical databases. Take advantage of an advanced migration method with Ispirer and get access to the latest technology. You benefit from both a fast and smooth migration and Oracle Cloud Platform innovations.

Benefits You Get

100% Automation

100% Automation

Due to the customization, the manual work after migration will be minimized or eliminated.

Flexible Pricing

Flexible Pricing

You pay for only what you need: pricing depends on the scope and duration of your project.

Optimized Migration

Optimized Migration

You get an intelligent and maintainable code without using any middleware after conversion.

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