Visual FoxPro to Java Conversion

Java Our tools support a wide range of databases and programming technologies that is constantly growing.
  • Up to 100% Automation
    Our tools are highly flexible and can be customized in accordance with the requirements of a particular project in order to achieve the highest level of automation.
  • Software License and Migration Service
    We offer both Project License and Migration Service at your option.
  • Database and Business Logic Migration in the same project
  • High quality support
    Proven methodology and tools ensure high automation for challenging migrations within a short term.
  • Use Ispirer MnMTK to modernize your legacy Visual FoxPro applications to Java technology. You don’t have to deal with manual conversion of Visual FoxPro code when Ispirer team can help you to automate this process and give you a tool that is fully customized to the requirements of your project.

    Main benefits of using Ispirer MnMTK:
    1. User Solution implementation.
    2. Target code corresponds to Java language best practices.
    3. Up to 100% of automation for Visual FoxPro to Java conversion using Ispirer MnMTK.
    4. Migrating time will be reduced considerably, compared with a manual conversion.
    5. We deliver an effort-saving solution in contrast to competitors’ tools.
    6. You get an ideal solution at a reasonable price.

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