Sybase T-SQL to Java Migration

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Ispirer Migration and Modernization Toolkit is capable of converting Sybase T-SQL to Java classes.

Ispirer MnMTK has a built-in functionality of migrating Sybase triggers, procedures and functions to Java classes with methods. Database connection is not compulsory for migration with Ispirer MnMTK. A separate file is created for each T-SQL element, which simplifies conversion results monitoring and migration reports preparation. Availability of qualified and skillful support helps to achieve up to 100% automation rate for the entire migration process with custom versions of the tool.

Why Ispirer MnMTK?

Key features of Ispirer MnMTK:

  • High Automation
    Up to 100% automation of the migration process.
  • Highly Customizable
    Toolkit customization in accordance with the requirements of your migration project.
  • Automatically Resolves Dependencies
    Can extract information from dependent files, database etc. to automatically resolve dependencies and conflicts.
  • Support of various configuration and projects files
    Can read information from various configuration and projects files.
  • Readable and Maintainable Code
    Generation of readable and maintainable code with manual conversion quality.
  • Code Transformation and Refactoring
    Code tranformation implementing best practices of Java rather than emulating old technology on the new platform.
  • Pure Java Code
    No Ispirer’s libraries or IP used after conversion.

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Sybase T-SQL to Java

Sybase T-SQL to Java Classes Conversion Features

Conversion Features

  • Variable Declarations and Assignments
    Ispirer MnMTK takes into account variables with predefined data types, such as NUMBER, VARCHAR. Our tool recognizes and defines proper types by using database tables or DDL.
  • SQL Statements
    Ispirer MnMTK migrates SQL Statements into Prepared Statements in Java. All variables in SELECT, UPDATE, DELETE or INSERT statements are used in setDatype. Also, our tool correctly sets and extracts data types regarding the data types in corresponding tables.
  • Result Sets
    Sybase T-SQL result sets are presented by class ResultSet. This class is used for storing results of the SELECT statements. Values of all columns are extracted into corresponding variables.
  • Exceptions
    Sybase exceptions are converted to try-catch-finally block in Java. All SQLCodes are processed in catch block using IF operator.

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