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Ispirer Systems provides Legacy Assessment, Database Migration and Application Conversion.

Today many enterprises have their IT Infrastructure built in legacy systems. The hardware and software that underpin these legacy computing environments have become obsolete and expensive to maintain.

There are many reasons why companies make a decision to convert their SAS code to Java: expensive SAS license or hardware, lack of SAS professionals, difficulty to maintain the code, features not supported by SAS, bad performance, etc.

If you see that your SAS system no longer meets your requirements, Ispirer team is here to offer you the migration tool and service!

Benefits of Modern Technologies

    Hardware infrastructure and maintenance expenses are lower on the modern platform.
    Modernization provides easy integration with other systems.
    Modernized software is easier and faster in use.
    Modern technologies allow to build flexible and scalable systems.
    Modern systems are high performance and more efficient.
    Modern technologies are more reliable and stable and have a better technical support.

Conversion Overwiew

SAS language has the following components: SAS files (SAS Data set, SAS catalog, SAS stored program), SAS data sets (SAS Data file, SAS view), External files, Database Management System files, SAS language elements (statements, expressions, options, formats, functions).

Ispirer is glad to help you convert your application from SAS to Java. Choosing Ispirer, you'll get well-converted application components: Business Logic, Database Access and Reports.

Business LogicBase SASJava classes and packages
Database AccessSAS SQLJDBC, Hibernate
ReportsSAS REPORT, SAS GRAPHJasperReports

For that purpose you can get Ispirer Migration and Modernization Toolkit (Ispirer MnMTK) to convert your legacy application automatically or you can get Ispirer Turnkey Service to get the ready-to-use results. Ispirer ensures the high level of automation and completes all customer requirements.

Assessment Process

The assessment of your migration project could definitely help to weigh up efforts and the approximate cost of your migration.

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Ispirer Migration Solution

SAS to Java

Benefits You Get

100% Automation

100% Automation

Due to the customization, the manual work after migration will be minimized or eliminated.

Flexible Pricing

Flexible Pricing

You pay for only what you need: pricing depends on the scope and duration of your project.

Optimized Migration

Optimized Migration

You get an intelligent and maintainable code without using any middleware after conversion.

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