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For more than 15 years our team has been helping organizations all over the world automatically migrate applications to modern technologies and database management systems. Over these years thousands of migration projects have been realized using our software and services.

Why Ispirer MnMTK 2017 for Progress 4GL to VB.NET Conversion?

Ispirer MnMTK automates the entire migration process of your current OpenEdge application to VB.NET. Moreover, choosing our conversion tool you eliminate most of associated risks and considerably reduce internal efforts. Among the main benefits of Ispirer MnMTK:

  • High Automation
    Up to 100% automation of the migration process.
  • Highly Customizable
    Toolkit customization in accordance with the requirements of your migration project.
  • Automatically Resolves Dependencies
    Can extract information from dependent files, database etc. to automatically resolve dependencies and conflicts.
  • Support of various configuration and projects files
    Can read information from various configuration and projects files.
  • Readable and Maintainable Code
    Generation of readable and maintainable code with manual conversion quality.
  • Code Transformation and Refactoring
    Code tranformation implementing best practices of VB.NET rather than emulating old technology on the new platform.
  • Pure VB.NET Code
    No Ispirer’s libraries or IP used after conversion.

Assessment Process

The assessment of your migration project could definitely help to weigh up efforts and the approximate cost of your migration. In order to facilitate the process, you're welcome to fill in our:

For ISV companies Ispirer offers comprehensive Engagement model to convert applications with millions lines of code.

If you prefer to have your Progress 4GL to VB.NET migration project done for you, our experienced team can offer you our migration services and deliver you converted application on time.

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Ispirer Migration Solution

Progress 4GL to VB.NET

Main benefits of choosing Ispirer for your Progress 4GL migration project:
  • Possibility of implementaion of your own solution in the conversion process
    We can quickly add your solution to the list of Progress 4GL to VB.NET conversion rules or change it for some other if you want.
  • Target code corresponds to VB.NET language best practices
    Due to high flexibility of our tools we can use the best and up-to-date VB.NET technologies for conversion of your Progress 4GL application.
  • Minimal manual work required after the conversion
    After the tool customization, automation of the migration process can reach up to 100%, which means that your manual work in migrating Progress 4GL code will be minimal.
  • Considerable time and efforts saving
    Automatic migration is always much faster and far more effective than manual migration. Ispirer MnMTK will help you to avoid any mistypes in your code and considerably speed up the process. If you don't like the result of the conversion, you can always change the conversion rule and quickly convert your Progress 4GL code again.
  • High quality and experienced technical support
    Our technical team has many years of experience in migration projects of different levels of complexity. We will help you to migrate from Progress 4GL to VB.NET quickly and easily.
  • Flexible pricing
    We can offer you a wide range of options, among which you will definitely find the one that suits you.

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