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Our tools support a wide range of databases and programming technologies that is constantly growing.
  • Software License and Migration Service
    We offer both Project License and Migration Service at your option.
  • Database and Business Logic Migration in the same project
  • High quality support
    Proven methodology and tools ensure high automation for challenging migrations within a short term.
  • Flexible pricing
    We offer you a wide range of options, among which you will definitely find the one that suits you.
  • Easy to use, fast and cost-effective migration tools
  • Check out customers’ case studies and testimonials to see how diverse businesses have found success with Ispirer.

    Now you don’t have to deal with manual conversion anymore since Ispirer Migration & Modernizarion Toolkit (Ispirer MnMTK) takes care of converting your existing application to Java and our dedicated team of professionals make it possible to meet the most challenging legacy modernization requirements:

    • High Automation
      Up to 100% automation of the migration process.
    • Highly Customizable
      Toolkit customization in accordance with the requirements of your migration project.
    • Automatically Resolves Dependencies
      Can extract information from dependent files, database etc. to automatically resolve dependencies and conflicts.
    • Support of various configuration and projects files
      Can read information from various configuration and projects files.
    • Readable and Maintainable Code
      Generation of readable and maintainable code with manual conversion quality.
    • Code Transformation and Refactoring
      Code transformation implementing best practices of Java rather than emulating old technology on the new platform.
    • Pure Java Code
      No Ispirer’s libraries or IP used after conversion.


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