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Our 20+ year experience in software modernization enables us to perform comprehensive application migrations between diverse programming languages and platforms. As an expert application migration service provider, we know how to apply automation and ensure that our customers get the most out of our automated modernization solutions.

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Accelerating our customers’ application modernization journey

December 04, 2018

The company develops state-of-the-art automation systems for operation, disposition, monitoring and control for all industries. The customer needed to reanimate their software by moving from Delphi to C#.

Our customer ia a healthcare organization dedicated to improve funding and clinical performance of hospitals and healthcare systems. The company's requirement was to get the application on the new C# .NET platform.

September 09, 2016

A Dutch IT company whose products help to create and share digital design. For many years, the company has been developing software for designers and recently has decided to modernize their product by moving C++ application to C#.

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Why Us

At Ispirer, we have automated tools and the expertise required to successfully transform business-critical systems and help customers to move on from their legacy applications. With a proven track record of over 200 successful migration projects, we are capable of accelerating enterprise transformation and delivering seamless application modernization. We understand that migration is not just about transforming the code, it’s about the entire environment.

We deliver application modernization services using nGLFly Wizard, the software in Ispirer Toolkit that handles cross-platform application migration. Although the COBOL to Python migration is not sufficiently developed in the software out-of-the-box, Ispirer Toolkit has a powerful mechanism to easily and quickly add new migration rules in order to increase the level of application automation. Once customized, the tool automatically analyzes and migrates the entire business logic and content of the application. After the conversion, nGLFly Wizard generates a final report that helps to determine the amount of manual adjustments to be made to achieve optimal migration results.

We Understand Your Needs

What are the main advantages of Ispirer migration services if compared to the alternative of new application development from scratch?

  • Cost effectiveness
    Since you already have the written code, modernization is a more cost-effective option than developing a new application from scratch.

  • Time savings
    Time is a crucial resource that will be consumed during an application development. With Ispirer as your modernization partner, you will have a clear picture of all the project milestones and no doubts or concerns about your project deadlines.
  • Ease of support
    With no loss of functionality, the final application will compile, run, and work similarly to the original one, thereby facilitating its support.

  • Risk mitigation
    Limit potential losses resulting from bugs that your developers may not have encountered before when creating a new app. By modernizing technologies, we apply the best coding practices, have knowledge of security protocols and consumer needs.

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COBOL to Python Migration Process

Ispirer modernisation experts work with you to identify your business and technical goals. Our first step is to gather information about your source COBOL application. From infrastructure to language to database types and quantities, everything is taken into consideration. The process concludes with a meeting where we establish a detailed migration plan, estimate costs, project duration, and resources needed based on the information gathered.

Application Migration Process Plan

Prior to the full-fledged modernization, in order to identify potential challenges and ways to overcome them we can run a Proof-of-Concept, during which Ispirer experts perform migration of a small but representative scope of the COBOL code, typically up to ~100,000 lines. This will allow you to evaluate the Python code that will be obtained after migration, as well as gain confidence in your application transformation path in general.

Then Ispirer experts add the necessary rules to the tool to resolve the issues that have arisen during the PoC stage and convert the rest of the code. After testing and making minor manual code fixes, the fully operational Python application is delivered to the customer.

Once the application migration is over, you will get the converted business logic and content of the entire application:

COBOL to Python Migration

Taking on the COBOL to Python migration will be easy with a powerful combination of our automated software and transformation expertise. Using Ispirer application migration services, you will receive:

  • migration of your entire COBOL application, including business logic, DB API, system functions;
  • maintainable manual-quality converted code that follows object-oriented concepts and paradigms;
  • code structures equivalent to its original counterparts;
  • Python application that performs as well as or better than the original COBOL application;
  • compatible infrastructure to enable seamless integration.

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Conversion of Various COBOL Dialects

  • Micro Focus COBOL
  • Realia COBOL
  • Fujitsu COBOL
  • Enterprise COBOL
  • GnuCOBOL
  • Microsoft COBOL
  • isCOBOL
  • COBOL/400
  • Hitachi COBOL

Related Services

As a partner in your modernization journey, we take away all your worries by providing you with valuable recommendations, expert application consulting services and comprehensive solutions. We strive to be a one-stop services provider for all our clients embarking on application modernization projects. Our service offering covers the entire migration journey.


Ensure that your application core functionality is not affected by any features that slow down its performance.

Embedded SQL migration

Convert SQL statements of your COBOL application to conform to the syntax and requirements of your new platform.

Performance optimization

Boost speed and avoid inefficient memory usage by optimizing the result code.

Benefits You Get

100% Automation

Conversion Automation

Automation will definitely facilitate the conversion, the manual work after the process will be significantly reduced.

Flexible Pricing

Flexible Pricing

You pay for only what you need: pricing depends on the scope, complexity and duration of your conversion project.

Optimized Migration

Use of Modern Technology

You get an intelligent and maintainable code, and immediately start enjoying the benefits of new technologies.

What Our Customers Say

"Beckman Coulter provided as much of the information as we could but there was a lot of functionality that we did not know. This is where Ispirer talents became apparent as they forensically reengineered functionality."

"We are now successfully running live on the new system, with the updated PB apps. I want to express my thanks to Ispirer team. You made this project a success!!! I was happy to work with you and would highly recommend Ispirer!"

"Because of Ispirer and MnMTK, our team was able to devote its time to build the infrastructure for new Java programs instead of spending time on converting code. The produced Java code met all our maintainability, readability and performance requirements."

"This approach was very successful avoiding any confusion at the first stage, and achieved high conversion rate in the end. The project was completed successfully, they say they couldn't make it without MnMTK 2017 and excellent extension support from lspirer."

"At the onset of the engagement the Ispirer MnMTK was expanded to meet the specific requirements of our migration prior to being delivered for our use. Once this phase of the project was complete we were provided with the expanded toolkit."

"We have found the Ispirer team to be knowledgeable and responsive and we have found the tooling to be flexible enough to be easily adapted to our coding conventions."

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