Tabs and Spaces, Cyprus

Microsoft SQL Server to MySQL

Tabs and Spaces, Cyprus

Michael Tyrimos


December 13, 2017

In one of our most challenging projects of 2017, we had to migrate a legacy database of over 3GB, which was still running on Microsoft SQL 2000 server, onto a new MySQL database.

The legacy database had various complications, such as Windows-1253 encoding which needed conversion to UTF8, thousands of lines of triggers, procedures and functions which altered data across various data tables. We decided to trust this crucial task to Ispirer.

Ispirer’s team was able to deliver our requirements to the highest standard. We were assigned to an amazing developer who was prompt, responsive, and worked with us to resolve test cases and trace long chains of triggers and procedures.

Ispirer’s team migrated the business logic and 17 years worth of legacy data with great success. We highly recommend them and are planning to work with them on future projects.

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